Kristina Volf - born in Zagreb, Croatia. Graduated at Zagreb School of Design, as an industrial designer. Since then works as a professional designer in field of product design, interior design, visual communication and illustration. She is a part of Manufakturist design studio since year 2012 where they created new product solutions and collections. In the same year she founded a company Manufakturist radiona ltd. for design, production and services. She is a member of Croatian designers association and in year 2016 admitted to Croatian Freelance Artists association as a freelance designer. As for herself, she collaborates with various designers and on self-initiated projects, but also with other clients.



ZGRAF 12, Lauba, Zagreb, Cro.


Croatian Design Biennial 2015. | 2016, MUO; Zagreb, Cro.

Contemporary Croatian Design – In a Nutshell, Designforum, Vienna, Au.

36 Mountains, HDLU, Zagreb, Cro.


Banc’s Europe, Strasbourg, Fr.

Milan Furniture Fair 2015; Ventura Lambrate, Light Space, Milano, It.


Istanbul Design Biennial, Primary Greek School, Istanbul, T.

Croatian Design Biennial 2013. | 2014, MUO; Zagreb, Cro.

Zagreb Salon of Design and Craft, Tehnički muzej, Zagreb, Cro.

Dan D, Bivša vojna bolnica, Zagreb, Cro.


Hungry Designers, Tourist museum, Opatija, Cro.

Hungry Designers, Blickfang, Vienna, Au.

Month of Design — Product Design Exhibition; Ljubljana, Slo.


BIO 23, 23rd Biennial of Design; Ljubljana, Slo.

Croatian Design Biennial 2011. | 2012, MUO; Zagreb, Cro.

Croatian Holiday

Milan Furniture Fair 2012; Ventura Lambrate, Light Space, Milano, It.

Sofia Design Week 2012; Sofia, Bg.

DanD 2012, Klaonica; Zagreb, Cro.

Skopje Design Week; Skopje, Mk.

Croatian Design Biennial 2011. | 2012, MUO; Zagreb, Cro.

Croatie la voice — Paris design week, Paris, Fr.

Vienna Design Week, Vienna, Au.

Common Sense and Sensibility

Belgrade Design Week 2012; Beograd, Rs.

Gallery Forum; Zagreb, Cro.

Gallery Loggia; Grad Hvar, Cro.


DanD 2011, Klaonica; Zagreb, Cro.


Croatian Design Biennial 2009. | 2010. MUO, Zagreb, Cro.

Magdalena, Maribor, Slo.

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